Thermal Management

The continuously increasing technical demands, placed by the electronic industry on electronic and electrical devices, has led to a dramatic rise of the problem due to heat generation. Higher frequencies, component miniaturization, more functionality and increased device power lead to high temperatures that need to be controlled to ensure excellent long term power, stability and durability. Heat sinks, cooling plates and ventilators are often used to reduce the temperature of electrical circuits to a minimum.

The thermal coupling of suitable conducting materials is also gaining importance in this sector. For this, Kerafol offers an effective, uncomplicated and cost-effective product range, the KERATHERM® products.


KERATHERM® are high flexible products comprised of thermal conductive and electrical insulating polymers, either single or multicomponent, filled with ceramic or heat conducting materials.   

KERATHERM®, when mechanically reinforced with fibre glass or other materials, offers the user a versatile product. With its flexibility and very good physical properties, a diverse use of the product in electronics is possible.

  • KERATHERM® heat conductive films have a high heat conduction and they are electrically insulating.
  • By the usage of KERATHERM® products, assembling problems as e.g. smearing and mounting mistakes can be avoided. 
  • Compared with conventional heat conductive materials, KERATHERM® products do not dry out if permanently used and therefore the heat conduction will remain over the years. 
  • In contrast to discs out of glimmer, aluminium or polyamides, KERATHERM® products can be used without a thermal grease.
  • Silicone based KERATHERM® eases the assembling due to its self adhesion properties. 
  • Also single-sided adhesive coatings are available. They ensure long-term applications – also head first.

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