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NEWSLETTER JUNE 2017 – Ceramic Membrane Discs

Ceramic Membrane Discs – the BREAKTHROUGH in 2017

KERAFOL® is one of the leading manufacturers of Ceramic Membrane Discs and has a long term experience in the Dynamic Crossflow Filtration. KERAFOL® stands for close contact to customers and can assist you by the development of filtration plants, to get you a customized and individual solution.

We are very proud to present you a new ceramic membrane disc with significant optimizations, concerning the

  • Flux
  • Strength
  • Life time

The Dynamic Crossflow Filtration enables you to achieve a significant added value.

The latest environmental legislation (e.g. in Asia), concerning sewage disposal, has created new applications, niches and consequently big market opportunities for the Dynamic Crossflow Filtration, the most efficient technology.
Ceramic is the filtration material with the highest life time, the greatest strength and the ability to be also used at a high level of solid contents.
Test our new ceramic membranes within a test filtration. KERAFOL® offers you different test filtration plants.

Please test our new membrane within your application

  • Expand your span of applications
  • Learn more about the advantages of the Dynamic Crossflow Filtration and the new Ceramic Membranes of KERAFOL®.
  • Start your project with a test filtration by the help of KERAFOL®
  • Contact us

Visit our booth at the following fairs:

For more Information please contact us:

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