KERATHERM®-Thermal grease

Thermal greases are especially characterized by their good compressability and by their low thermal resistance. No drying out and very low disappearing of components.


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KERATHERM®-Thermal Greases

Keratherm® Thermal Greases are ceramicfilled single-component silicones with a high thermal conductivity. The non-crosslinked thermal greases do not dry out.
The silicone components do not leak from the grease.
The silicone-free thermal grease KP 12 consists of synthetic polymers and is suitable for a fast and effective heat dissipation. The grease is especially suitable for silicone sensitive applications.
The KP´s long-term stability guarantees full operability during the entire life time of the product. Under normal application conditions, Keratherm Thermal Greases do not harden, dry out or melt.
Special storage of Keratherm “Thermal Grease” is not required. Therefore it can be stored under normal climate conditions for up to 12 months after manufacturing date.
If any separation of the filler materials becomes evident, the KP´s must be mixed intensively before usage.

  • KP 97 KERATHERM®: ­thermal conductivity: 5,0 W/mK
  • KP 98 KERATHERM®: ­thermal conductivity: 6,0 W/mK
  • KP 12 silikone-free KERATHERM®: ­thermal conductivity: 10,0 W/mK
  • Thermal Grease KP 99 KERATHERM®: Thermal conductivity: 9,2 W/mK
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  • Consumer Market

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