KERATHERM® Heat conducting films silicone free

Silicone free heat conducting films are used wherever the use of silicone can lead to problems. Next to excellent thermal and electrical properties, these films are characterized by their good cut-through resistance.


  • good insulation properites
  • heat-conductive
  • good compressibility
  • fully crosslinked
  • flexible
  • environmental friendly
  • RoHS conforme


  • power supplies
  • automotive, engine controllers
  • LCD displays
  • white goods
  • audio and video components
  • power converters


  • smooth surface
  • very good properties even at very low contact pressure
  • low hardness
  • high self-adhesion without adhesive coating
  • UL listed

Film Options

  • optional single-sided adhesive coating
  • special thicknesses available
  • can be supplied on roll or as already punched goods
  • fibre glass reinforcement available


U-Films silicone-free

In case of silicone sensitive applications, Kerafol offers a ceramic-filled polyurethane film as an alternative material. Next to good thermal and outstandingelectrical properties, these films are characterized by very good cut-through resistance.

  • U 80 KERATHERM®: ­thermal conductivity: 1,8 W/mK
  • U 85 KERATHERM®: ­thermal conductivity: 3,0 W/mK
  • U 90 KERATHERM®: ­thermal conductivity: 6,0 W/mK

Optionally available with adhesive coating

  • medical applications
  • laser equipment
  • lighting systems
  • CD-rom drives
  • aero units
  • space units

MT-Films silicone free

Thermoplastic elastomer tape with very good insulating behaviour, excellent mechanical properties and good thermal caracteristics.

  • MT 102 KERATHERM®: ­thermal conductivity: 1,1 W/mK
  • MT 103 KERATHERM®: ­thermal conductivity: 1,8 W/mK
  • high electrical isolation
  • high mechanical strength
  • automotives
  • high voltage technology
  • power converters (AC-DC, DC-DC)

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