KERATHERM® Thermal Compounds

Thermal Compounds can well be used for encapsulating whole applications and for dispensing housing lids or heat sinks. Thanks to its easy usage, it allows even the most complicated geometries to be encapsulated.


  • outstanding adaptability and compressibility
  • low mechanical tension
  • high thermal conductivity
  • long term stability
  • compatible with industrial production sequences


  • RD-RAM modules
  • memory chips
  • chipsets
  • micro BGA
  • heat pipe applications
  • high voltage electronic components

KERATHERM® Thermal Compounds

GFL 3020 / GFL 3025 / GFL 3030 / GFL 3040 – silicone elastomers
Ceramic-filled, solvent-free two-component silicone elastomers. Due to their various thermal conductivities, their different compressibility characteristics as well as their good dielectric properties, these Gapfillers are ideally suitable for encapsualting or dispensing. A wide range of different material viscosities makes them suitable for “wet-in-wet” production.

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