Glass sealing tape

In a stack cells and interconnector plates are stacked on top of each other. The interconnector plates provide both the current collecting and the gas channels to feed the electrodes with air and fuel, respectively. The separation of the gas channels from each other and the sealing to the outside of the stack is assured by glass solder. Our glass sealing materials have been developed with scientific support of the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems and are commercially available at Kerafol® in form of glass sealing tapes.
The glass solder gets partially crystallized during the assembling procedure and forms a stable glass ceramic. The glasses are suited for CFY (chromium – iron – yttrium), ferritic interconnectors, and for the assembling of steel/steel and steel/zirconia.

Key features
  • alkali free glass sealing tapes for CFY and ferritic interconnectors
  • gas-tight 
  • long term stable
  • formation of stable glass ceramics after partial crystallization
  • assembling of steel/steel or steel/ceramics

We offer our SOFC glass sealing tapes in various geometries and thicknesses.

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