Electrolyte substrates

Kerafol® offers both electrolyte substrates and electrolyte supported cells. In the electrolyte supported cell the electrolyte is the bearing component. The electrolyte separates the anode and cathode spatially from each other and usually consists of zirconia. At operation temperatures between 750 °C to 950 °C zirconia is a good oxygen ion conductor when doped with various metal oxides. Important factors for producing electrolyte tape and the choice of the doping metal oxide are the oxygen ion conductivity, the mechanical stability, the long term stability, gas tightness, and planarity. We offer partially stabilized variations with high mechanical stability, fully stabilized zirconia with higher ionic conductivity, and a mixed version, which combines both properties.

We offer the following electrolyte substrates
  • 3YSZ
  • YScSZ
  • 6Sc1CeSZ
  • 8YSZ
  • 10Sc1CeSZ
Dimensions according to customer

Our standard electrolyte sizes are 50x50x0.15 mm³ and 100x100x0.15 mm³. In addition, custom-built round or rectangular geometries can be produced.

We can offer 3YSZ with a minimal thickness of 40 µm due to its high mechanical stability und flexibility.


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