SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell)

Since 1990, Kerafol® is involved in the field of the SOFC technology. In addition to the key components, being electrolyte substrates and electrolyte supported cells, Kerafol® also produces glass sealing tapes for stacks. We furthermore carry out developments in cooperation with our customers.


  • Environmentally friendly technology
  • Highly efficient conversion of chemical energy to electrical energy
  • Ideal solution for the decentralized energy supply
  • Application for example in micro-CHP systems for combined heat and power production

Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cell – SOEC

  • Electrolysis of water by “backward” operating fuel cells
  • Possibility for the temporarily storage of electrical excess energy
  • „Power-to-Gas“ and „Power-to-Liquid“: production of hydrogen and hydrocarbons


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Head of department SOFC
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