KERAFLEX® unsintered

KERAFLEX® porcelain tape is a thin, flexible film, based on ceramic raw materials and an organic binder matrix. Stamping, embossing, cutting, folding, bending and laminating simply your mood: Due to the high flexibility of the film, completely new possibilities in the porcelain processing result. Let your creativity run wild. Forget about traditional casting methods and discover the uncomplicated design with KERAFLEX®. Whether as standard products in the industry or as individual, creative birthday gift in the home - KERAFLEX® offers versatility.

Special Features
  • thin
  • high flexibility
  • easy processing and machining
  • versatile
KERAFLEX® punching
KERAFLEX® punching
KERAFLEX® cut with a carpet knife
KERAFLEX® cut with a carpet knife

The sintered porcelain tape can be embellished after firing in different ways. Either by painting, printing with the roller print or by a stamp.

KERAFLEX® decorate
KERAFLEX® decorate
KERAFLEX® translucency
KERAFLEX® translucency

Garnish slurry

KERAFLEX®garnish slurry should be used for fixing the parts of green Keraflex tape together. Garnishing is the process of merging the tape ends or the attachement of the tape parts, by deforming and firmly connecting the tapes with garnish slurry. It is also possible to mix the slurry with water to get the best adherence.


  • special ceramic glue for Keraflex® porcelain tape


  • waterbased suspension
  • ceramic high temperature glue

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