Setter / kiln furniture

Kerafol® manufactures setter plates for high demands on geometry and material quality for your components. The setters are manufactured pressure less by tape casting process. Beside other ceramic production operations like die casting, dry pressing or extrusion our tape casted products Kerafol® setters have no inhomogeneous particle distribution inside the setter matrix. The pore distribution and the pore size is homogenous over the complete product matrix. The setter can be used for sintering and debinding MIM, CIM, PZT or SOFC products. The porous sintered setters are characterized by the following properties:

Special characteristics
  • small weight
  • high mechanical stability
  • small furnace ballast
  • high open porosity
  • dust and particle free homogeny surface
  • homogenous shrinking through unimpeded shrinkage
  • absorption of the binder into the pores during the debinding process
  • very smooth surface
  • compatibility with other carrier setter plates like molybdenum, CFC, RSiC and others
  • good to very good TWB
  • handling and assembly with robots possible

Keralpor 99
Aluminiumoxid 99.5 % porous

Porous, alumina content 99.5%

Due to the low heat capacity, the demand of energy for the kiln is lower, compared to conventional setter and kiln furniture. The demand of time and energy for heating up and cooling down the kiln furniture is significantly reduced by using Kerafol setter plates.

Our customers use these setters for sintering Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC), Solid Oxide Fuell Cells, dental ceramics and for debinding and sintering metal injection moulded (MIM) components. The high planarity of Keralpor 99 leads to accurate sinter results. Due to the high porosity of the alumina matrix the gases can diffuse through the setter during the debinding and sintering process easily.

The parts do not adhere to the setter during the debinding process. Keralpor 99 can be used best as a setter plate on your silicon carbite, mullite, korundum, molybdenum or grafite kiln-furniture.


  • dust-free / particle-free surface
  • homogeneous pore size distribution
  • good mechanical strength compared to the high porosity
  • material can be cut by laser or waterjet
  • very good planarity and surface quality
  • big customized dimensions of the setter possible
  • gases and liquids can freely diffuse through the sintered plate


  • setter for MIM - production
  • setter for ceramic or dental ceramic production
  • gas-permeable membranes for sensors

Keralpor S
92% alumina + 8% zirconia

The Keralpor S is a setter, which can be used for sintering various of metal injection moulding (MIM) - products and materials. The advantage of this porous zirconia thoughened alumina is its good thermal shock resistance and high mechanical strength. Through the 38% porous structure, adhesion of the sintered part will be prevented.

Due to the porous structure of the setter, adherences of the overlying green ware can be avoided. Customers use Keralpor S especially for debinding and sintering MIM products and when the cooling process in the kiln is fast.

All sizes are available with a thickness of 1.6 mm!
Please ask for you tailormade dimensions and we will create your Keralpor S quickly.


  • dust-and particle-free surface
  • homogeneous pore distribution over the entire setter
  • very good mechanical strength despite to the high porositymaterial can be cut by laser and waterjet
  • cutting by water jet or laser is possible
  • good thermal shock resistance
  • good planarity and surface quality
  • customized dimensions of the setters are possible
  • gases can freely diffuse through the settermatrix


  •  setter plate for metal injection moulding (MIM) parts
  • setter plate for ceramic injection moulding (CIM) parts
  • setter plate for high demand of thermo shock resistance

Tape for one-way use with 99.7% alumina

Our RT is a tape for one-time use. It consists of almost 87% of special alumina powder, which is embeded in a special organic carrier matrix. The high fl exibility allows, for example, also the lining of 3D setters in the sintering and casting technology. The organic components of the tape are free of phthalates and burns free of residue at temperatures of about 500°C and oxidizing kiln atmosphere. The remaining alumina powder prevents adhesion of the products to the setter and allows an optimum slipping and shrinkage of the sintered product during the firing process.


  • organic carrier tape with high alumina content
  • fine powder matrix with low organic binder content
  • components slide freely on the powder matrix during the fi ring process
  • tape can be easily cut with scissors, knifes or laser
  • very smooth and particle free tape surface


  • one-time use high temperature setter tapes
  • separating agent

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