Ceramic wear protection

Kerafol® offers special thin ceramic substrates for wear protection applications.

Due to the excellent tribological material properties Kerafols zirconia is characterized by a high wear resistance and very good gliding properties. It is especially used for applications where metal and plastic are overstrained and when the space and weight of the protected section is limited.

partially stabilised with 5 mol% yttria

This ceramic substrate material is a partially stabilised with 5 mol% yttria. The substrate material has a high bending strength of 800 MPa and a high fracture toughness. It will be used when other wear protecting materials are not longer sufficient. Mainly it is used at high temperatures > 200°C or extremly high pressure occures for long time and where polymeres tend to creep.
Applications are, for example, guide rails or sensor protection plates.

We lasercut the material according to your wishes! Please send in your CAD data.


  • very fine-grained homogeneous structure
  • good electrical insulation
  • very low abrasion because of very good
    tribological properties
  • cuttable with laser or waver saw
  • good evenness
  • very large substrates customized with dimensions up to 350 x 200 x 0.5 mm possible
  • customized substrate thicknesses possible


  • wear protection
  • sensor protection plate

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