Applications areas Ceramic Filter

Kerafol® manufactures a wide range of Ceramic Filter Elements which are different in design, structure, material and geometry. The Ceramic Membranes are applied in processes with high temperatures and/or chemical stresses. 

The application for Ceramic Filters from Kerafol® are, for example

Wastewater treatment

  • gray water
  • digested sludge


  • cell separation
  • protein filtration

Pharmaceutical industry

Food Technology

  • milk
  • beer
  • wine

Chemical Industry

  • organic solvents
  • pigments

Oil and gas industry

Installation examples for ceramic filter

Treatment of digester effluents

  • Low energy consumption
  • Modular design
  • Minimized footprint

Metal-Working Industry

Processing of Aluminium Swarf

  • Ultrafiltration
  • Water saving
  • Reduced costs for chemicals

Ceramic Industry

Filtration of Slurries

  • Closed loop technology
  • Recycling of all resources
  • Filtration of glazes
  • Concentrations 60-70 weight%

Waste Water Treatment

  • MBR Membrane bioreactor
  • Sludge concentration
  • Decentralized plants
  • Grey water

Printing Industry

Recycling of Recources

  • Reducing waste water
  • Extended cleaning intervals
  • Less consumption and disposal costs for chemicals

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