From 6th to 7th of February 2019, the IMAPS Thermal Management Workshop, took place in La Rochelle (France).


This time the main focus of the workshop was the optimization of Thermal Management, including the view of its systems and components.

In addition to innovative cooling solutions for the power electronics sector, especially the combination of an increasing functionality as well as the challenges of miniaturization and increasing power densities has been considered.

As part of the Table Top Exhibition, KERAFOL® has presented a variety of Thermal Interface Materials such as thermal conduction films, Softtherm Gap Pads and Gap Filling Liquids.

In the parallel conference, appropriate solutions, test results and visions for thermal cooling in the fields of aerospace, military and industrial systems were presented and debated.

The statement "Thermal Management is one of the key tasks to be dealt with as electrification progresses" can be seen as a consensus of the event.

Thank you to all visitors and conference speakers of the workshop for the interesting conversations and until next year!