Fair report: European Fuel Cell Forum (EFCF) from 3rd to 6th, July 2018 in Luzern


The 13th European Fuel Cell Forum (EFCF) took place from July 3rd to 6th, 2018 in Lucerne.

It is the largest conference and exhibition for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) in Europe. New research fundings and the latest industrial achievements in the field of SOFC, solid oxide electrolysers and hydrogen technologies were presented.

EIFER presented an extrem long electrolysis test (more than 20,000 h) with our cells wich was made in a very low temperature range for electrolyte supported cells. Despite the low temperature, the cell voltage was held near to the thermoneutral voltage (B1502).

KERAFOL® presented their electrolytes, complete electrolyte supported cells, setter plates and glass sealing tapes as an exhibitor. Many conference participants stopped at our booth and got information about our products. Especially our 40 µm 3YSZ and 60 µm 6Sc1CeSZ electrolytes raised great interest among the visitors. We are also happy to have established new customer and supplier relationships.

We thank all visitors for coming around and we look forward to meeting you again in two years in Lucerne at the EFCF 2020!