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KERATHERM® Bond RT 100 is an excellent thermally conductive two-component adhesive with a short cure time. It offers an effective thermal connection between electronic components and cooling elements. The material has extraordinary adhesion properties – which means there is no need of mechanical fixing. The adhesive consists of two pasty components which can be mixed and applied by a static mixing tube. Applying a small amount of the adhesive on one of the surfaces which are to be bonded is efficient.


  • Solvent-free and thermally conductive two-component adhesive
  • High thermal conductivity 1.5 W/mK
  • High adhesion, tensile shear strength > 15.0 MPa
  • Mixing of hardener and binder 1:1 with static mixing tube
  • Resealability of the cartouches
  • Good usage and processing properties
  • Free of labelling according to CLP regulation

Application options:

  • CPU
  • LED
  • BGA
  • Heat sinks

Data sheet:

Open data sheet

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