Rotation Filtration with Ceramic Filter Discs


Ceramic Filter Discs / Micro Filtration and Ultra Filtration

KERAFOL is an independent filter producer and provides you with the parameters for installation of the Ceramic Filter Discs in your filtration units (sealing, fixing, process parameters).

Ceramic Filter Disc 374

  • Diameter Øo 374 mm / Øi 91 mm
  • Thickness d = 6,0 mm
  • Membrane surface 0,20 m²

Ceramic Filter Disc 312

  • Diameter Øo 312 mm / Øi 91 mm
  • Thickness d = 6,0 mm
  • Membrane surface 0,14 m²

Ceramic Filter Discs 152

  • Diameter Øo 152 mm / Øi 25,5 mm
  • Thickness d = 4,5 mm
  • Membrane surface 360 cm²


  • Filtration from outside to inside
  • Support: pore size 2,0 μm
  • Support coating with layers of lower pore size (micro and ultra filtration)
  • Chemical and thermal resistance
  • Backflushing

Ceramic Filter Discs provides maximum process safety.

  • Resistance to chemical and thermal stresses
  • High filtration flux and very long service life
  • Regeneration by backflushing or hot steam sterilisation

Rotation Filtration (Dynamic Cross-Flow-Filtration) provides maximum filter efficiency.

The cross flow effect (tangentially flow cleaning of the filter surface) is generated by the rotating of the filter discs and not by pumping of large volumes.

  • extreme cross flow velocity (high efficient cleaning of the filter surface)
  • very low energy consumption (compared to conventional cross flow techniques)